Take Back the Night is a national event to raise awareness about violence against women and to demonstrate solidarity with survivors. As part of this event, personal testimonials by survivors of sexual violence and/or domestic violence are read either by the survivors themselves or by someone else so that the survivors may remain anonymous.

Take Back the Night at Furman will be held March 26th at 7pm, starting at the front of the Library and continuing to the UC side patio.

The space below is provided for survivors who would like to submit their stories to be read by someone else at Take Back the Night. This form allows you to anonymously share your story. Share as much or as little information as you would like others to know.

While we will endeavor to include all testimonials in their entirety at the event, the number or length of testimonials that are read may be limited.

Thank you for your willingness to share. It will help make a difference in the fight to end sexual violence. If you have any questions or concerns, email Susan Head, President of Feminist Initiative, susan.head at furman.edu. All information is considered to be anonymous. In any ongoing situation, Public Safety, 864/294-2111, can assist. Also, other information, including victim support resources, are listed at www.furman.edu/sharp.

Please enter your story in the space provided below. Typing it in a word processing program and pasting it into the form is suggested.