Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: We anticipate that the cost of the India Fall programs will be the same as the Furman comprehensive tuition for that semester. The tuition for Fall in India includes four 4-credit courses, all accommodations, all meals, entrance fees, and all domestic & international India transportation.
All scholarship monies and financial aid grants will be applicable to the India program, as they would be for any on-campus Furman course offerings. Should students have any specific questions about scholarships and financial aid, please contact Ms. Janie Burton in the Student Business Center.

Q: What is not covered by the India Fall tuition fee?

A: See above regarding international airfare. Travel to and from the departure airport (either GSP or ATL) will not be covered by the program tuition. Other expenses that will not be covered include: vaccinations, prophylactic medications, books, photocopying costs, passport and Indian visa fees, meals at airports (connecting airport in Europe and airports in India), and personal shopping and souvenir purchases.

Q: How many course credits will I receive?

A: India Fall participants who complete the program will receive 16 credits (four 4-credit courses), a full semester's worth of course credits. In addition, students will receive a semester's worth of CLP credit.

Q: Do I need to get any special vaccinations?

A: We suggest that all students contact a family physician to discuss particular matters of vaccinations or prophylactic medications. In addition, students should consult the Center for Disease Control (CDC) -


Q: Traveling in Asia, is it safe?

A: Furman University is committed to providing a fulfilling and educationally enriching environment whether here on campus or as part of Furman's overseas programs. The travel-residential study program in India is part of Furman extended beyond the shores of the United States, and in this case to a place that has its own set of challenges, as you are aware. None of the challenges are insurmountable since we are taking all necessary precautions based on the wealth of personal and professional experience that we bring to travel in India. In addition, as parents ourselves who have traveled to India with our respective spouses and children, we do well appreciate all concerns.

During the travel portion of the trip, we will stay in 3-4-star hotels in metropolitan areas in India, including Delhi, Agra, and Cochin. Our academic travel coordinator is arranging hotel accommodations with the knowledge of the needs of American travelers, as far as convenience, safety, and facilities are concerned. The hotels maintain safety standards of any hotel well-frequented by international travelers who are in India for business and tourism. During the residential portion, we will stay at Madras Christian College's (MCC) international guest house. The house is located on the 365-acre College campus, in a suburb of downtown Madras. Much like Furman, Madras Christian College is a green, lush campus with nearby city access. The College and its international guest house have been home to numerous study abroad programs from the United States, and around the world, most notably a 25 year old relationship with Davidson College (North Carolina). We, the co-directors will reside on-site with students during the entire program. In other words, we will be staying in the same hotels during the travel portion and will reside in the international guest house during the residential stay. We will also travel together as a group for the program.

All the sites on our itinerary are located within or very close to India's most developed metropolitan areas with excellent medical facilities using western medical technologies. Several of the day/weekend trips that are planned take us away from cities, but we are still in close proximity. The ancient ruins of Mahabalipuram, for example, are only 1 hour from Madras city. Arrangements are in place should there be a need for any emergency evacuation of the group or of an individual.

We will prepare students not only for scholarly endeavors, but also for practical matters of travel in India.  Orientation sessions will include details about safety and security, and "city logic" for how to and how not to behave in a major world city.

As program directors, we will have communication access through our travel coordinators and the MCC administrators at all times. We will NOT be traveling to remote or politically sensitive border areas, and there will continually be in contact with our local agents. These agents are savvy and highly experienced professionals. Our collective personal histories of living, travel, and research experience in India and elsewhere in the world cannot be underestimated. In addition, we benefit from the fact that Furman has an extensive and long history with study abroad programs to China, Japan, southern Africa, central and south America, and various sites in western and eastern Europe. Finally, we fully support Furman's dedication to making as its first priority a safe environment for intellectual growth in Furman-whether Furman in Greenville and Furman overseas.